Twinkle Twinkle...

Zankoku Labz is a multi-collection NFT project consisting of Fairyz, Cybogrez, their homes, and the children they will bring into this world. These collections allow you to stake, upgrade, breed, and play our in house game to earn our native token. The world of Zankoku is just beginning with our 2 dimensional, PvP Multiverse play to earn game. Welcome to the Zankokuverse!

Mecha Faeries

1111 Fairyz on the blockchain 50% Royalties back into the LP. – Staking – Upgrading – Breeding


1111 Cybogrez building on the blockchain 50% Royalties back into the LP. – Staking – Building – Breeding


A collection of 555 Junkyard Houses on the Solana blockchain, built for your Zankoku Cybogrez and Mecha-Fairyz to earn 2X while staked as well as a plot of land in our 2D PvP P2E Metaverse.

The games focus will be for you to go out and kill monsters, cut bushes, move stones and go fishing in an open world high risk situation where at any point somebody can come up and pvp you and loot you for all your belongings and vice versa. There will be a 1v1 rated battle system and a guild system for you to explore the world with friends or group up on enemies… You will be able to purchase in game houses which will act as your safe zone, where you can store all that you have collected. There will be Landmarks for sale which you may customize to your liking such as statues, water fountains and such.

Upgrade Machine

Get redy to burn and bring all Mecha Fairyz to life